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Lawn grid

- with an additional frame

The lawn grid with an additional frame along the edges is used for finishing areas near the pool, terraces, recreation areas, barbecue areas, playgrounds, etc.

Price - 66,51 UAH/pcs.


Lawn grill with additional frame
Size:(Русский) 400х400х18 мм
Width of frame elements:(Русский) 60 мм
Maximum load:up to 1,5 т./м2
Element weight:(Русский) 0,32 кг

To even the surface.

To lock all the latches together.

To fill all the cells up to the same level.

To water the site.

Various mounting options

The grid can be laid with or without additional framing. Framing makes the coverage plot visually complete, and acts as a decorative element facilitating ascent to the mounted platform.

Mounting features

The grid is installed over the ground surface (it does not need to be dug in), which greatly simplifies the installation procedure.

The cover consists of three elements:

1) the grid
2) the edge
3) corner elements of the edge.

The multi-purpose grid with additional framing is used in those places where it is necessary to create a flat area, but no high loads are expected:

  1. for recreation areas,
  2. picnics,
  3. barbecue areas,
  4. sports grounds and playgrounds,
  5. territories around pools,
  6. pedestrian and bicycle lanes.

Garden paths at a country house decorated with such grid look neat, and the edge adds them decorativeness and completeness. However, it is possible not to install the edge, if it is inconvenient. This grid, due to its rigid construction, can carry weight of up to 1.5 tons per 1 sq. m.

Key advantages of using a multi-purpose grid with the edge

  • easily and quickly mounted on the surface without digging into the ground;
  • if necessary, it is easy to dismantle and remove it, and it is just as easy to put it back;
  • protects soil from erosion;
  • makes the territory look decorative and harmonious, well-groomed;
  • if desired, the paths are decorated with an additional edge, which is supplied separately;
  • can be used for decoration of outdoor sewerage communications;
  • installation directly on grass is possible;
  • in wet weather or at a pool, it prevents slipping;
  • laid on a playground or in an area of children's playing, it prevents injuries of children as a result of falling down.


Replacement in case of defects

If you discover a defect (although chances for this are extremely low), Alta-Profil is always ready to replace the product free-of-charge.

Promotional support

Constant promotional support from the manufacturer will contribute to keeping the demand at a high level.

The single sale price

Single sale prices are set for dealers. Forget about dumping by competitors. You receive guaranteed profit with each batch of the product.

A unique product

For the solutions developed by Alta-Profil, there are no analogues in the domestic market. You cover a new niche, where you can really generate profit.

Volumes from 1 UAH. / month.

The products can be ordered in volumes convenient for you and depending on the demand. This is a guarantee of quick turnover and increased consumer interest to the new product.

demonstration stand

You receive a free of charge demonstration stand with samples of decorative outdoor cover. It will be convenient for your customers to choose!

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