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газонная решетка на террасе
газонная решетка для площадок
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lawn grid


Lawn grid with reinforced profile is a reliable material for equipping eco parking lots, sports facilities (horse arenas, football pitches), playgrounds, and other facilities.

Price - 76.68 UAH/pcs


газонная решетка Альта-Профиль
Lawn grate universal
Lattice parameters
Dimensions: (Русский) 333х333х10,5 мм
Maximum load: up to 12,5 т/м2
Weight 0,3 kg
Packaged: 18 pcs.

Grid for decoration:

Multi-purpose grids can be used for decoration of territory, arrangement of flower beds, park areas not intended for walking, i.e. where the load on the lawn is minimized.

Ease of installation:

Installation of this grid does not require special efforts. Flexibility of the grid allows for covering an unprepared surface. The grid takes the form of the surface on which it is laid, while it does not break and is capable of expanding and contracting under the impact of temperature regimes, thus preserving the good look of the territory.
If required, the decorative cover can be easily removed to obtain quick access to sewerage lines or any other surfaces covered with this grid.

The multi-purpose grid offers a very wide application scope, since it can be laid on any surface without requiring additional preparation. This surface is successfully used for playgrounds, territory around sports equipment, mini-football, golf, tennis pitches. It is also used to create barbecue, picnic, camping sites, open air fairs and exhibitions, and other public recreation areas. This grid can take the shape of the surface on which it is laid, so it is easily installed on tilted surfaces.

Features of the multi-purpose grid

  1. Extremely easy to install - no additional soil preparation or digging into the ground is required, it is enough to simply lay grid elements on a relatively level surface. The cells are filled with soil, the grass is sown, watered and, before germination, the grass is protected from loads. Subsequently, the grass is easy to cut, water, and fertilize. If it is not intended to plant a lawn, the grid can be filled with small pebbles or expanded clay. Besides, the multi-purpose grid is often used to quickly organize a place for a dinner or a picnic, spreading it right on the grass.
  2. t has the widest scope application, since it is both strong and light. The grid carries mechanical loads of up to 12.5 tons per 1 sq.m.
  3. The convenient dimensions of grid elements (333 x 333 x 10 mm) make it possible to install it virtually anywhere where needed.


Газонная решетка универсальная

Replacement in case of defects

If you discover a defect (although chances for this are extremely low), Alta-Profil is always ready to replace the product free-of-charge.
Газонная решетка универсальная

Promotional support

Constant promotional support from the manufacturer will contribute to keeping the demand at a high level.
Газонная решетка универсальная

The single sale price

Single sale prices are set for dealers. Forget about dumping by competitors. You receive guaranteed profit with each batch of the product.
Газонная решетка универсальная

A unique product

For the solutions developed by Alta-Profil, there are no analogues in the domestic market. You cover a new niche, where you can really generate profit.
Газонная решетка универсальная

Volumes from 1 UAH. / month.

The products can be ordered in volumes convenient for you and depending on the demand. This is a guarantee of quick turnover and increased consumer interest to the new product.
Газонная решетка универсальная

demonstration stand

You receive a free of charge demonstration stand with samples of decorative outdoor cover. It will be convenient for your customers to choose!

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