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Alta-Profil UKRAINE - the best siding producer in Ukraine.

Production facility of company Alta-Profil Ukraine is a powerful modern complex of manufacturing building materials from plastics. Company specializes on realizing siding, soffits, platbands and slopes, drainage systems, curb tape, fences and barriers. Modern fully functional production takes place in the city of Vinnytsia and covers more than 7,5 thousand square meters.

It includes an extrusion and mixing workshop, processing workshop, innovation and quality control department, and its own logistics center. Equipped with modern instruments from world leaders of the extrusion industry: Theysohn, Opdenhoff, MTI, PENTA, Microsan etc. Besides, the mixing workshop, which is equipped with highly accurate dosing and weighing systems, has the latest mixing installations. Special place in the production complex takes quality control. For manufacturing high quality products there was implemented computer control on all production stages, starting from checking raw materials and ending with testing finished products. Due to this we receive high quality and environmental safety.

Over the past 10 years market share of the company Alta-Profil Ukraine relative to competitors, amounted to more than 67%. Own production capacity allows us to release the widest assortment on the market of Ukraine and maintain it in the required quantity in warehouses. Our products correspond to world quality standards and are confirmed with relevant Certificates of accredited government laboratories.

We always follow trends about what colors are more modern and actual, so we can always offer you interesting decisions. Colors quality control, permanent products testing, high level and organization of waste-free processing of raw materials as indispensable components of technological process, help us always be ahead of our competitors. Clear accounting using a CRM system helps us organize quality communication processes and determine the most effective channels of information.

Besides, we always work on developing new kinds of products and searching new sales markets. Company Alta-Profil Ukraine offers services of developing and manufacturing your products in the Privat Label segment. You have a unique opportunity to create products under your own brand on modern equipment.

Производственный комплекс компании Альта-Профиль в Виннице
Фотография оборудования на производстве сайдинга компании Альта-Профиль Украина
Процесс изготовления сайдинга Альта-Профиль Украина
Производственный комплекс компании Альта-Профиль в Виннице
Фотография оборудования на производстве сайдинга компании Альта-Профиль Украина
Процесс изготовления сайдинга Альта-Профиль Украина

The well-located powerful Alta-Profil Ukraine logistics complex

The company has its own logistics complex, consisting of a warehouse for raw materials, a warehouse for finished products, regional warehouses, and our own vehicle fleet.

In order to meet the demand of our numerous consumers in a timely manner and to maintain optimal stocks, we have implemented advanced commodity management systems.

Изготовление сайдинга Альта-Профиль Украина
Компьютеризация производственных процессов сайдинга Альта-Профиль Украина
Экструдер на производственной линии сайдинга Альта-Профиль Украна

HOW DO WE ACHIEVE such results?


The company started in 2004 as a trading company. The key activity was wholesale of plastic finishing materials (plastic panels, window sills, siding, cast facade panels, lining, plastic dip-slopes, etc.)

(Русский) 2007

Already in 2007, Alta-Profil Ukraine launched its own production of a number of finishing materials from PVC on the territorial base of CJSC Brovary Plastics Plant.

(Русский) 2009

(Русский) Alta-Profil Ukraine was rapidly gaining its market share, and two years after commissioning of the first factory, the decision was made to set up its own new production base in Vinnytsya in the site of former GPP 18.

(Русский) 2013

On May 31, 2013, the new production complex was launched in Vinnytsya.

(Русский) 2015

The company is oriented towards export activities.
Now, Alta-Profil Ukraine Group is high-tech production company, whose products can be found in all regions of Ukraine, as well as in EU member states.