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Gutter system Alta-Profil

Alta Profil Ukraine > Gutters Alta-Profil Ukraine

Gutter system "Elit" 125/95

Водосточная система Элит от Альта-Профиль

The high-quality PVC gutter system of the Elit collection is the optimal solution for draining rainwater from roofs of houses. This gutter system is characterized by increased capacity and operational durability

Size: 125/95

Colour: white, brown

Lifetime warranty 15 years

Gutter price: 66 UAH

Gutter system "Standart" 115/74

Водосточная система Стандарт от Альта-Профиль

This is a high quality gutter system which fully complies with European standards

Size: 115/74

Colour: white, brown

Lifetime warranty 15 years

Gutter price: 59 UAH


Key characteristics

Material: PVC

Pipe and trough production technique: Co-extrusion

Length of Elit/Standart troughs: 3 m

Length of Elit/Standart pipes: 3 m

Diameter of the Elit trough: 125 mm

Diameter of the Standart trough: 115 mm

Diameter of the Elit pipe: 95 mm

Diameter of the Standart pipe: 74 mm

Color range: 2 colors

фото на доме, водосточная система коричневая
пластиковые кронштейны водостоков

1. Attach the first and last plastic bracket to the front plate at a distance of 15 cm from the roof edges so as to create a slope of the gutter at a rate of 3 cm for every 10 m of the gutter. Other brackets are installed in steps of about 60 cm.

крепление кронштейнов желоба на стропила

2. If it is necessary to attach the gutter to the rafters - use metal brackets.

монтаж водосточного желоба Альта Профиль

3. Insert the gutter into the bracket and push it down until the gutter snaps into place.

водосточной воронки монтаж

4. In the gutter, in the place intended for fixing the funnel, cut out the hole so that it is not less than the diameter of the hole in the leader head.

Крепление воронки водосточной

5. To join the gutters use Gutter coupling

угол желоба универсальный

6. If necessary, set the universal gutter angle

Заглушка желоба универсальная

7. Put the end of the gutter onto one side of gutter.

желоб ПВХ водостока Альта-Профиль

8. If the width of the roof overhang prevents the installation of the pipe directly to the Leader head, apply the following sequence of elements: Leader head - pipe elbow - pipe coupling - pipe - elbow - coupling - pipe.

хомут трубы водосточной системы

9. For fastening the pipe, install the upper clamp directly under the elbow of the drainpipe. Complete the drainage installation by attaching the drain to the lower end of the drainpipe

What are the roof drainage systems?

Gutter systems differ in the following criteria:
1. By the the drainage system material.
It is possible to distinguish external or internal drainage systems.
Internal drainage is excellent for houses with flat roofs. For buildings with a classic gable or gable roof, an external drain is usually used. It features simple installation, affordable price, easy maintainability, reliability.
2. The material from which the gutters are made.
Distinguish gutter systems made of plastic (PVC), galvanized steel, copper.
The cheapest are metal galvanized gutters, however, they also have the shortest period of operation.
Copper gutters are very beautiful and reliable, but their price is not available to everyone and they require constant care.
At the moment, the most popular are PVC drainage systems (PVC), the main advantages of which include:
- long maintenance-free operation lines;
- ease of installation without the use of professional teams and tools;
- attractive appearance;
- not a big weight;
- Affordable prices.

What do drainage systems consist of?

Modern drainage systems consist of many elements that together help to create a system that is ideal for your home. Among them:
- gutter - used to collect rainfall from the roof
- drainpipe - to drain water from the gutter to the right place.
- funnel (watering can) - helps to connect the gutter and downspouts. It receives the greatest load during downpours or snowfalls, therefore it is especially important that it is not a connecting element, but firmly attached to the gutter.
- connection elements for gutters and pipes - clutches and corners of the chute, couplings and elbows for pipes.
- fastening elements - clamps and brackets, etc.

How to choose and equip a drain system?

Each element of the drainage system has its purpose and price, therefore it is very important to compare the price of the complete system, rather than its individual elements, when choosing a water drain brand.
If you know well which drain elements are needed for your home, you can buy them online in our online store. After placing an order with you, a manager will be contacted to check the completion of the drainage elements and discuss the terms of delivery.
If you are experiencing difficulties in selecting elements, we will be happy to help you calculate the drainage system. To do this, you can use a calculator or get individual consultation from our managers by phone, through online chat or by sending a written application.

Where to buy plastic gutters Alta-profile?

As we already mentioned above, they can be bought online or in a wide network of retail stores throughout Ukraine.
Alta-profile has its own representative offices in Vinnitsa, Sumy, Lviv, Ternopil, Odessa and Kharkov where the gutters are sold at the producer's price.
In addition, you can buy gutters in a wide dealer network by picking up a store in your city. To do this, go to the "Where to buy?" Page and enter your address. The system will cover the nearest points of sales to you.

Calculate the value and order

Calculate the value and order

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Рекомендуем для крыши площадью до 90 м2 использовать водосточную систему "Стандарт". Для домов, площадь которых больше 90м2, лучше выбирать водосточную систему "Элит"


Calculate the value and order

Select house type


Calculate the value and order

Specify your options

Выбор по цвету

А, м.

В, м.

C, м.

D, м.

E, м.

F, м.

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I, м.

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X, м.


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Форма заказа

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Still have questions?

Gutter systems Alta-profile production, no doubt, like even the most demanding of quality people.
We can offer there are two variants of gutters Alta-profile:
Gutter system "Elite" with dimensions 125/95 mm, white and brown color and 15 year warranty
Gutter system "Standard" with dimensions 115/74, white and brown colors and 15 years guarantee
Why you need a gutter, the price of the assembled gutter system, and its key characteristics
Gutter systems are a combination of troughs, pipes, connecting and auxiliary elements (fittings) used to drain water from the roof of a house during rain or when snow melts. To make sure that water trickles do not affect walls of the house, do not wash the foundation, water should be diverted. Otherwise, puddles and mud will form right next to the house, erode paths, deteriorate the appearance, and the repair-free lifetime of the building will significantly shorten. The gutter is needed to drain rainwater into the sewerage. Their price may vary significantly depending on the material, different throughput, and other factors.
Alta Profil company produces high-quality plastic gutter systems, the price of them being absolutely affordable and competitive. The company wins confidence of its customers due to constant quality control, introduction of state-of-the-art technologies into its production system, as well as the products' optimal price and quality ratio.
The key advantages of Alta Profil plastic gutters:

• made of extra strong PVC, due to a special composition of the material, which makes the product highly impact-resistant;
• these systems are UV-resistant and have a long service life - more than 25 years. To prove its confidence, the company labels all the gutter fittings with its logo;
• the pipes and troughs are covered with stretch film and packed in a polyethylene sleeve to avoid scratching;
• the system does not have external or internal corners, right and left stubs - instead there is one all-use corner and one all-use stub. This is very convenient in the gutter's estimation and installation;
• on all connecting elements, there are rubber seals, which guarantee their absolute tightness;
• on all components of the system, the STOP signs are marked for convenience and ease of installation;
• longitudinal reinforcement beams on the trough ensure additional strength of the structure and prevent sticking of contaminants and leaves to the inner surface;
• you can install the system yourself due to the guidelines published on the website. It is important to remember to install sealers to prevent leakage in the system during installation and follow the sequence of actions as indicated on the website.
Types of the company's gutters
Alta Profil offers its customers two types of its own production gutters - Elit and Standart. The Standard gutter system has the following parameters:
• Gutter trough, diameter 115 mm
• Gutter pipes, diameter 74 mm
It is ideal for small architectural forms, garages, arbors, extensions, as well as for houses with the roof slope of up to 80 m.
For larger houses, you need to install the Elit gutter system, which has the following parameters:
• Trough diameter - 125 mm
• Pipe diameter - 95 mm
The larger the diameter, the greater the flow of water that the gutter systems has the capacity to put through. The price of gutters in this case differs only due to their different diameters.
Each systems is available in white and brown, which allows you to choose a good color solution for almost any house design.
For what kind of buildings PVC water gutters can be used
A modern light and beautiful plastic gutter will be a decoration for almost any roof:
• an individual residential house, a cottage house;
• a garage and commercial buildings;
• shops and kiosks;
• large commercial real estate;
• when decorating the entrance group, extensions, and individual elements of high-rise buildings.
Where and how you can buy Alta Profile gutter
In Kyiv, you can buy the gutter systems at one of the dealer's network stores. Moreover, the company's head office is also located in Kyiv, where you can obtain background information and professional advice. If you are not a resident of Kyiv - it not a problem, you can buy the gutter in other cities of Ukraine, such as Odessa, Vinnytsya, Zaporizhya, Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), Sumy, Lviv, Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, etc. The dealer network covers the entire territory of Ukraine, the gutters can be sold and delivered in any city of the country.
Specialists in the regions trained in the head office of the company will advise you on any issues regarding selection, estimation, installation, and operation of the gutter systems.
Its many years of experience in the Ukrainian market allow the company to bring together a team of professionals, to gain confidence of customers, and to establish high standards of product quality. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your coming to Alta Profil!