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Lawn grid

- with reinforced profile

Lawn grid with reinforced profile is a reliable material for equipping eco parking lots, sports facilities (horse arenas, football pitches), playgrounds, and other facilities.

Price - 101,34 UAH/pcs


Lawn grid with reinforced profile
Lattice parameters
length(Русский) 500 х 500 мм
height(Русский) 35 мм
loadmax 25 т/м2

To stamp the gravel and break stone mix - 35-40 cm.

To lay the geotextile film.

Sand and gravel mix - 3-5 cm.

To thoroughly pack the layers.

To even the surface.

To lock all the latches together.

Grid segments connected to each other

The excess part of the grid can be cut off.

To fill the cells by half with soil.

To sow grass in a couple of days.

To fill all the cells up to the same level.

To water the site.

High-lift grid

The reinforced grid is made of durable plastic, it has special stiffeners to bear heavy loads, as well as 4 pins in the bottom part that allow fixing the grid in the ground, thereby avoiding the grid’s displacement on the surface.

Wide range of application

Public and private car parkings in residential, commercial, sports, and industrial areas;

The reinforced grid is also suitable for pedestrian and bicycle paths, sports grounds and playgrounds, and other similar facilities. Its distinctive features are as follows:

  • the capacity to bear high mechanical loads - up to 25 tons per 1 sq.m. - it is enough to sustain the weight of a car;
  • it requires preparation of soil before mounting, which consists of the following.
  • Elements of the grid are laid directly on the pre-arranged surface and connected with special locks/latches. If necessary, excess parts of the grid can be cut off. Next, cells of the lawn grid are by half filled with fertile soil, grass seeds are sown, the cells are filled with soil to the rims, and smoothened. Then one needs to water the plot and wait for germination of the grass - before that, it is recommended not to build up load to the site.

    Benefits of reinforced lawn grid

    • Reinforced lawn grid prevents formation of pits on the site where a car is normally parked, such a lot always looks neat, up to 90% of grass sown on it survives. In case of precipitations, the water goes into drainage without forming puddles, therefore, the car will not get bogged down and will not be splashed with mud.
    • Use of the grid makes it possible to keep the lawn neat, to arrange on the site more green grass - instead of asphalt or concrete - patches. The grass root system is well protected, it can be cut and mowed, thus the lawn can be maintained nicely till late autumn. Moreover, it generally reinforced the soil preventing its washing out, weathering, erosion, and other adverse events.
    • Due to additional reinforcement ribs, this grid is very durable and resilient - its service life is 20 years and more. The polymer material that it is made of survives severe frost and heat without deforming.


Replacement in case of defects

If you discover a defect (although chances for this are extremely low), Alta-Profil is always ready to replace the product free-of-charge.

Promotional support

Constant promotional support from the manufacturer will contribute to keeping the demand at a high level.

The single sale price

Single sale prices are set for dealers. Forget about dumping by competitors. You receive guaranteed profit with each batch of the product.

A unique product

For the solutions developed by Alta-Profil, there are no analogues in the domestic market. You cover a new niche, where you can really generate profit.

Volumes from 1 UAH. / month.

The products can be ordered in volumes convenient for you and depending on the demand. This is a guarantee of quick turnover and increased consumer interest to the new product.

demonstration stand

You receive a free of charge demonstration stand with samples of decorative outdoor cover. It will be convenient for your customers to choose!

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