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(Русский) Планки для классического сайдинга

Weather strip Weather strip Length: 3660 mm
Starter strip Starter strip Length: 3660 mm
Finishing strip Finishing strip Length: 3660 mm
Hinged strip Hinged strip Length: 3660 mm
Circum-window Circum-window Length: 3050 mm
J-chamfer J-chamfer Length: 3660 mm
Internal corner Internal corner Length: 3050 mm
H-trim H-trim Length: 3050 mm
Edging strip Edging strip Length: 3660 mm
Radius corner Radius corner Length: 3050 mm
External corner External corner Length: 3050 mm
(Русский) J-trim (Русский) J-trim Length: 3660 mm

(Русский) Планки для сайдинга БлокХаус

Circum-window Length: 3660 mm
External corner Length: 3050 mm
Internal corner Length: 3050 mm
(Русский) J-trim Length: 3660 mm
H-trim Length: 3050 mm

(Русский) Планки для сайдинга Альта-Борд

ВС-100 Length: 3000 mm
ВС-52 Length: 3000 mm
ВС-50 Length: 3000 mm
ВС-9,5 Length: 3000 mm

Accessory planks for siding

When installing the siding, you will need auxiliary elements - siding moldings. To wrap corners of the building, trim windows and doorways, protruding elements on the facade, connect facing elements - for all this, you’ll need accessory planks. Having properly thought out their application, you can make your house look neat and freshened up. There are several types of siding planks depending on the intended use, and they have their own properties.

  • The initial plank. The installation process begins with it. It is intended for fixation of the first panel, for which it is nailed or screwed with self-tapping screws according to previously applied markings, and then the edge of the first panel is inserted into the initial plank.
  • The hinged plank. It is mounted above window and door openings and at the junction with the basement part of the building, it serves to drain water.
  • The connecting plank. It is used to hide seams at the place of panels’ juncture.
  • The window-side plank. Used to frame window and doorways, if they are "sunk" into the building. Available in a narrow and wide versions.
  • The J-Trim plank is also installed around the perimeter of windows and doors if they are not "sunk" and are at the same level as the wall, as well as on gables and when installing the soffit.
  • Casing. Used for decorative finishing of doors and windows. Its shape is similar to J-Trim, but it is larger in size.
  • J-bevel. Used for trimming roof cornices.
  • The edging plank. Serves as the starting (initial) plank when installing vertical siding, as well as for transition from horizontal siding to vertical one.
  • The finishing plank. It is mounted under the cornice before installing the last row of panels. Fixates and disguises the cut edge of the last bar.
  • Corner planks: the external corner (used on outer corners at the junction of two walls), the internal corner (for internal corners) and the radius corner (also outer, but rounded). They cover and hold the edge of panels on corners of the building.

The exact number of components for siding depends on the floor space of the building, its facade design, and the design idea of the house owner.