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Types of siding and their use for the building facade insulation.

Siding – as a heater

Siding is quite easy to install material, with a number of advantages. The main of them are: ease of use, installation, does not take much time and protection of exterior walls from the environment, while still outside the building and becomes well-groomed and beautiful. It is also important to remember about the insulation, which will call your home modern and energy efficient.
Let’s see, what is the siding. In the first place – the coating, which is used for cladding the outside of the facade. It is a panel of different lengths, but in general, up to four meters.
For the first time siding appeared in The North America. Settlers began sheathing boards built house in a specific pattern. At the same time the structure of the framework is a lightweight and sophisticated in design, which allowed not to overload the construction. It was important to maintain a certain sequence of stacking the upper boards. They nailed such a way that each successive board a little to stand up to the previous. Thus, it was to ensure that moisture and precipitation. Raindrops slid along the eaves and did not give discomfort inner walls of the structure. This location coverage was recognized as one of the best and got the name of the traditional in Canada and the United States. Facing such a way became known – siding.
As practice shows, the tree was not the most durable material, to the same – extremely expensive and requires extra care and treatment. Engineers around the world began to look for an alternative to natural wood. First resorted to metals such as steel, aluminum and the like on their properties. The metallic coating is also resistant to corrosion and requires care, although terms of use have increased significantly. The development of the chemical industry has brought the era of the siding on a new higher level. Dashboards have become a run from PVC, wood-polymer composite, and acrylic.
Various materials are allowed to meet almost any customer requirements. So, it is now possible to realize any architectural ideas, thereby not getting beyond your budget. In addition, the use of such materials enables all environmental and fire safety standards, which is important in itself.