Returning talk

Why siding is the best choose for your facade?

When you choose betvin quality and price – the choice is not always obvious. Most often, you want high-quality long-playing material at low cost, and preferably not to return to the issue of repair as 20-30 years. Do you think it’s not really to find a cladding material for facade? But no, everything is clear and simple when there are siding .

Speaking of plaster – that we all know that this is not the most reliable material because it requires constant renewal every few years. Modern technologies offer new opportunities, so why turn to the past?

Natural materials have always been in vogue, but they are not available to everyone, in addition, are some of its shortcomings. The wooden facades are afraid of rain and require treatment, brick is very expensive and difficult to install.
Let’s look more main advantages over other siding materials in Russian versions on our site.