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How to Select siding

The face of the building – a facade and our task is to keep it for many years. Today one of the most beneficial treatment options are hinged ventilated facade.
Covering home with siding and front panels can not only hide many construction defects and hang on building “a new facade”, but straighten the geometry of the structure or visually change the proportions, which favorably affects the appearance of the building.
Sayding not foliated, not inflated, not split and not flaky. He is not afraid of moisture, fungus and insects resistant to adverse weather conditions, non-toxic and not combustible.
Siding facade panels do not change color , not crack under the influence of temperature and can be used in any climatic conditions. The sun’s rays do not affect quality material, as it contains special additives prevent distortion and fading.
An important advantage is the possibility of additional siding outside wall insulation , without sacrificing the area inside the house. Unlike other facades, installing insulation under the siding is much simpler and can be done at any time of year.
Siding simple to install . Lifetime siding on average 25 years, facade panels 50 (regardless of climatic conditions) – this determines economic approach to the choice of material. Then when all other required materials for facade repair and replacement in 5-7 years, siding does not require additional processing and special care and 25 years can not think about preserving its facade.
However siding siding hostility. To get all the benefits saydynhovoho ventfasada need to understand how to choose siding.

The main features of high-quality siding:

  • Thickness saydinhovyh panels should be the same throughout the cut and color – the same uniform and the front and back.
  • Availability antiurahannoho castle – only with siding will securely and resist the strong gusts of wind and even rain.
  • Availability finishing slats and accessories are offered in addition to siding must be in color and texture identical to each collection siding – only your facade will have a neat and finished appearance.
  • Guarantees and certificates. When buying the company should provide you with all the necessary quality assurance. Many companies from the list of documents